Audiobook Review: Artifice: Eric Bickernicks


Would you like a couch with that painting?

Obscurity is a way of life for Gavin Vonn Getch, a painter who works at a frame shop in a small New England town. His life changes when billionaire Gary Eastman enters his shop and becomes the ultimate patron: a lifetime commission for all his work in exchange for a crap-load of money.

Some of his artist buddies envy him and others think he’s sold out. Curious as to where his paintings are being displayed, he makes a trip to the DLC headquarters, where a shocking discovery forces him to reevaluate his deal with Eastman and his identity as an artist.

Why does an artist create? What alternatives are there to completely selling out? Is there no genius – only marketing? The book is a satirical and sometimes surreal look at the art world.

The book is read by the author, along with 40 different voice actors for each of the different characters. This is not a radio drama, there are no annoying sound effects or distracting background ambiance. The dialogue in the animated book trailer was created from this audiobook.

Elsie’s Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Struggling artist Gavin Vonn Getch thinks he’s hit Easy Street when a billionaire offers to become his benefactor as long as everything he paints goes directly to him. Sounds like a sweet deal until Gavin finds out that his paintings are meeting an undignified end!

This audiobook is fantastic! It’s dark humor combined with mystery. I can’t recall the last time an audiobook made me laugh out loud so many times, It’s that funny! The character Gavin has a dry sense of humor that I adored. All the characters in this audiobook are memorable and Gavin’s interactions with them are hysterical.

Throughout this nearly 6-hour audiobook, I was wondering how this story was going to play out. It kept you guessing until the end.

I’m not a fan of author’s narrating their own works, but Eric Bickernicks totally nails this reading. His narration was completely engaging and I can’t imagine any narrator doing a better job than he did.

I hope this won’t be the last I hear from Mr. Bickernicks. He has a real talent for storytelling. This audiobook deserves to be heard. Artifice will surely increase your happiness quotient.

This audiobook was received in exchange for an unbiased review!

Watch the animated book trailer here!


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