Audiobook Review: The Invasive: Michael Hodges

The Invasive

Narrated by Charles Constant

Publisher: Tantor Audio

Bishop is trapped deep inside Montana’s Apex Valley along with his injured wife, a shotgun-wielding stranger named Colbrick, and a sneaking suspicion he’s never making it back to Chicago. Things no man has seen before haunt the woods. Strange animal species creep behind pine trees, some of them with flashing red tags that blink faster and faster. Giant birds mimic the sound of humans and lord over the sky. Leaf-shaped creatures attack anything that moves and flash vivid colors across their glistening backs.

As Bishop and his companions scramble across the Montana wilderness, they find human remains and animal carcasses littering the woods. The small town of Elmore is empty, the windows broken and streaked with blood. Trout Bridge – their only way out – is blocked by abandoned cars, none that were inbound.

With the strange animal species closing in, Bishop realizes his group must take a stand. He’s got a plan, and maybe they’ve got one last shot before the invasive species spread to the rest of the US.

Elsie’s Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Bishop and his wife Angela are celebrating their 5th anniversary in a small town resort in the mountains. Hmm… the fifth wedding anniversary gift is wood, I hope it’s a rifle because they’re gonna need it. The action in The Invasive starts right from the beginning with Angela being snatched right out from under her husband by a strange creature.

Bishop’s not giving up his wife without a fight though. When he finally tracks down Angela, she’s badly injured. Lucky for them both they come across Colbrick, a gruff local in the resort town and he has the resources they need to survive. As the three embark on a journey to safety, their way is fraught with danger from strange alien species that are popping up all over the place. Is this a local phenomenon? Has the whole world been affected?

The Invasive is a unique sci-fi, it’s definitely a different twist on the usual alien invasion story. While there is plenty of action and suspense, the parts that I found most interesting were the interactions between Bishop and his feisty wife Angela and the eventual somewhat reluctant bond between the two and Colbrick.

Charles Constant narrates this wonderful audiobook that slides in at just under 10 hours and his fully voiced reading of this book help land this audiobook solidly in the four-star category. I’ve listened to Charles narrate various genres and he always does a fantastic job, but where he really shines, in my opinion, is in the sci-fi genre.

This audiobook was gifted to me in exchange for an unbiased review!

Michael Hodges’ debut novel The Puller was optioned for film. He’s also taught a writing panel with Game of Thrones editor Anne Groell. He’s represented by Lane Heymont of the Tobias Literary Agency.

Foreign language rights for The Puller were subsequently purchased by Luzifer Verlag, and The Puller was translated and released in Germany. Michael is also a member of SFWA and HWA.

You can contact Michael at his official Facebook Page, he enjoys hearing from readers:

or his website:

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