Audiobook Review: The Patriot Protocol: CG Cooper

 The Patriot Protocol

C.G. Cooper

Patriot Protocol

Elsie’s Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Narrated by James Foster

Patriot Protocol

5 Hours 51 minutes

Published by: Tantor Audio


The Patriot Protocol – The Tennessee Zone Year 2057 It’s been ten years since The Collapse. The survivors live off what they can grow, find or steal. A man known as Ryker is among the survivors, a family man with a mysterious past. When his family’s relative safety is taken, he’s forced to join what’s left of civilization to care for his wife and children. But will his newfound allegiance to the government of The Tennessee Zone save them or plunge them into darker peril, and will the powers-that-be use Ryker for their own nefarious needs?

About Author

CG Cooper

C. G. Cooper served in the United States Marine Corps after graduating from the University of Virginia.

He dedicates the Corps Justice series to his family and the unsung heroes serving in the United States armed forces…although he has a special place in his heart for his beloved Marines.


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The Patriot Protocol

Elsie’s Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Okay, so by now, if you’ve read any of my other reviews of dystopian novels, you know that I like hero’s that rise above their pay grade and do awesome things. Well, I’ve discovered that I like the exact opposite too! All Ryker wants to do is to protect and provide for his wife and children after the collapse of society and he’s been successful at it for years.

But, after a surprise attack on his homestead, he starts to think that maybe there is safety in numbers, so reluctantly he packs up his family and moves into town. The funny thing about being around people, though, those who are watchful take notice and while Ryker wants to be seen as lowly private, dammit, he’s just like the cream in a pitcher he keeps rising to the top! He’s a General hiding in sheep’s clothing.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this genre, there is just so many different and exciting ways to tell the stories and C.G. Cooper does it well. This audiobook is non-stop action, suspense, and surprises. I won’t talk about the serious daddy issues going on in this story, buy the book!

James Foster narrates this audiobook that’s just shy of 6 hours in length and while this is my second listen to him as a reader, I know I’ll be searching out more from him. The pacing of the story was perfect and the audio production was high quality.

This audiobook was gifted to me exchange for an unbiased review!


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