Audiobook Review Requests: Authors – Narrators – Publishers

Authors, narrators, and publishers, do you need an honest audiobook review? Just press Contact to email your request! Please link the audiobook samples so I can listen and read the synopsis.

If I like what I see and hear, I’ll email you for a promo copy code, gift code, or a copy of the audiobook. Download preferred.

Currently, I’m 4 to 5 weeks out on reviews.
I have definite fields of interest:
Only unabridged audiobooks with professional narrators (no authors reading their own works!) Unless of course, you’re a professional actor.


No limits, it can be a clean romance or it can be sexually explicit, a dark romance, contain dubious consent as long as it’s not gratuitous and moves the story forward.
Science Fiction/Fantasy
I especially like Dystopian Novels – Zombies, Societal Collapse, Alien Invasion
Within my range of interest, I have no filter with regards to, violence, gore, and strong language.
BDSM, m/m/f
I Mainly Review Audiobooks, But Occasionally I Review Ebooks!
Reviews are posted on Audible (when downloaded through Audible), Amazon, Goodreads, and my blog. I also tweet out that I’m listening to the audiobook and if I rate it 4 stars or above I’ll tweet that also.
My reviews are honest and I can’t guarantee a good review. I’m never malicious in my reviews. I love authors and I have no desire to kill any writer’s spirit. Any criticism I give is always constructive.
Please, I encourage you to look at the reviews. Read my blog to see what I like and if your audiobook fits my interest. I’m pretty diverse in my tastes. Check out my about me page. Hint: You get big points if you address your request using my real name!

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