Audiobook Review: Threatened Water: Kevin Land Patrick

Threatened Waters

Narrated by Alex Knox

Threatened Waters – Water as a weapon of war. The world’s vulnerable water supplies. While the world reels from Russia’s overtures in its former republics and the Middle East falls into turmoil, Islamic terrorist cells disappear overnight from Europe after meeting with a Russian suspected to deal in unconventional arms. Appearing in the United States through its southern border, multiple attacks on America’s vulnerable water infrastructure threaten to return the United States to 18th-century conditions.

With the intelligence community compromised, a frantic search develops to uncover the plot and what elements or Nation States are behind it. The attacks require a response from a President seeking reelection. But will it be against the wrong target? Are the attacks designed not only to attack America but also bring American retaliation against the antagonist’s real enemy? While the Middle East is embroiled in secular conflict and the vulnerable Russian economy edges toward the loss of its natural gas monopoly with Europe, the United States must confront a new understanding of the importance of electricity and water to 21st century civilization.

Elsie’s Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I’ve always been intrigued by societal collapse stories, especially one’s revolving upon things and situations that could possibly happen in real life. Like, say a terrorist attack on our water supply or transportation hubs. While this story isn’t about the collapsing of society, it is about a widespread terrorist attack designed not only to kill but create long-term havoc on our society.

Threatened Waters plays out over a period of several years and there are many characters involved in this well-told story. All the pieces fall into place and it makes for a riveting tale of intrigue and adventure. Prepare yourself, this is a brutal story and there is so much carnage.

Everything the author writes about in this book has the feeling of being based on some sort of reality. Whether it’s from the perspective of law enforcement or the viewpoint of the terrorists. This book sucks you in right from the beginning and it’s a doozy of a ride.

What I appreciated the most? Author Kevin Land Patrick pens an intelligent and exciting story without any political pandering. What a breath of fresh air! The epilogue at the end was informative and amazing!

This nearly 9-hour audiobook was narrated by Alex Knox. He is a new narrator to me, but I enjoyed his reading and I think his voice is well suited for this genre. The audio production quality was excellent and I will add this narrator to my list of readers to look out for.

This audiobook was received in exchange for an unbiased review!


Kevin Land PatrickI am the Senior Partner and Founder of:
WATERLAW-Patrick Miller Kropf Noto

I am a licensed attorney in Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas, numerous Federal Courts and the United States Supreme Court.
I also have the honor of being on several Boards:

-Board Member of the Bloomberg Water Law & Policy Monitor
-Board of Advisors Sustainable Energy Resources Law Institute

I have spoken at or chaired conferences on water policy, water planning, and water resource issues throughout the United States, Canada, Central America, South America and Europe.

I have also authored numerous publications of a legal nature (which you can peruse in the Resume page) before embarking on what I truly love, fiction writing.

​My goal is to provide a realistic view of water, while interjecting global politics and some hypothetical threats to our world in an entertaining format. My hope is that you will be entertained.

Books designed to take one on a journey into historical fact, a fictional present, and a sobering realism of what may be.
While my writings discuss infrastructure and resources in detail and try to be as factual as possible, I purposely omit essentials that might be used to harm persons or property. This is all in fun!



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