Book Review: Biography: Tune In Vol.1: Mark Lewisohn

Tune In

The Beatles have been in our lives for half a century and surely always will be. Still, somehow, their music excites, their influence resonates, their fame sustains. New generations find and love them, and while many other great artists come and go, the Beatles are beyond eclipse.

So . . . who really were these people, and just how did it all happen?

‘The Beatles story’ is everywhere. Told wrong from early on, rehashed in every possible way and routinely robbed of its context, this is a phenomenon in urgent need of a bright new approach. In his series All These Years, Mark Lewisohn – the world-recognized Beatles historian – presses the Refresh button to relate the entire story as it’s never been told or known before. Here is a full and accurate biography at last. It is certain to become the lasting word.

Tune In is book one of three, exploring and explaining a period that is by very definition lesser-known: the formative pre-fame years, the teenage years, the Liverpool and Hamburg years – in many ways the most absorbing and incredible period of them all. The Beatles come together here in all their originality, attitude, style, speed, charisma, appeal, daring and honesty, the tools with which they’re about to reshape the world. It’s the Beatles in their own time, an amazing story of the ultimate rock band, a focused and colorful telling that builds and builds to leave four sharp lads from Liverpool on the very brink of a whole new kind of fame.

Using impeccable research and resources, Tune In is a magisterial work, an independent biography that combines energy, clarity, objectivity, authority and insight. The text is anti-myth, tight and commanding – just like the Beatles themselves.

Here is the Beatles story as it really was. Throw away what you think you know and start afresh.

Elsie’s Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I was surprised, to say the least when I received this book… scratch that, this is a compendium! At over 892 pages, this tome is huge! This Beatle’s biography encompasses more than the life of each of the four members of the iconic band. It delves into the family background, giving the reader a true feeling of what life was like for these 4 men before they found fame. In some ways, you can imagine how their upbringing affected how they each perceived and handled fame.

As a lifelong fan of the Beatle’s, I thought I had seen every possible picture of the quartet, but this book is filled with historic family pictures. To think this is only the first volume of the biography and ends in the year 1962, the year they had their first bonafide hit song “Love Me Do”.

This book truly is all you need when you want to reference anything, regarding John, Paul, George, and Ringo. The index is detailed and comes in handy when you want to cross reference against information that you’ve heard. I‘ll be keeping this book front and center on my bookshelf for easy access for years to come.

Tune In was released in 2013, I have to wonder if author John Lewisohn is currently working on the next volume of this wonderful and important book. With all the exhaustive work that went into Vol. 1, it may be awhile yet before we see Vol. 2. However long the wait I’m certain it will be worth it.

This book was gifted to me in exchange for an unbiased review!

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