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I spent years running from my past. Then, when my past comes knocking in the form of dark, delicious sin, I find myself caught up in a man I shouldn’t. My son’s uncle. A dangerous biker. Not to mention, an overbearing Alpha male.

Hunter is everything I need to escape from, yet I find myself wanting to stay. I know I shouldn’t let myself or my son care for him, but I can’t help wondering if maybe he’s the one who can finally save me from my past.


The plan was simple. Find my nephew, bring him home, and raise him in the Black Angels like my brother would have wanted. But things never go as planned, like my nephew’s mother. My brother’s one-night stand.

Mallory is spicy and sweet; one second she is mouthing off to me, and the next, she is moaning my name. The longer I’m with her, the harder she is to ignore. But she is hiding something while desperate to escape me, though I have her in my grasp. I will find out what she is hiding, and when I do, she will have nowhere left to run.

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Elsie’s Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mallory Ward knocks on the Black Angel’s MC door, to tell Noble, the man she had a one-night stand with, that she’s knocked up. Let’s just say Noble doesn’t take the news well and before cooler heads prevail, Noble meets an unfortunate end.

Fast forward, Mallory has been on the run for three years trying to stay one step ahead of the Black Angel’s MC and in particular, Noble’s brother Hunter and then there are secrets she’s trying to outrun too.

Hunter is determined to bring his three-year-old nephew Adair into the MC fold and if that means dragging Mallory along kicking and screaming, so be it! But with the attraction building between him and Mallory, Hunter, a confirmed bachelor maybe the one to go kicking and screaming into a relationship.

I loved this story, feisty yet submissive girl, brings down big, bad biker, the ending is predictable, but boy is it fun getting there. This story has suspense, heat, and humor and I can’t wait for the next book in this series. Better yet, I hope this series makes it into audio form.

This book was gifted to me exchange for an unbiased review!


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Writing books had been a big part of my life for many years; whether it was writing in secret notebooks during class, writing amateur novels or posting stories online, I surrounded myself with it.

Of course, it has its up and downs, but I’ve never once thought that writing wasn’t for me.

Because of that, I can share the worlds I discover in my head with the outside world, and although that might sound crazy to some, it’s fine by me. So long as I can do what I love, I’m happy.

And every person who’s happy as a result of my writing is a bonus for which, I’m forever grateful for.

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