Book: Review: As You Lay Sleeping: Katlyn Duncan


As You Lay Sleeping
Katlyn Duncan

Published by: HQ Digital
Publication date: February 22nd 2017
Genres: Thriller, Young Adult

I did it all for you…

Cara’s boyfriend is dead.

When fingers start pointing at her, she knows she’s in more trouble than she originally thought. Because Cara can see that something isn’t right.

As her carefully constructed life begins to crumble, Cara isn’t sure who she is anymore.

But maybe that’s exactly what someone wants her to think…

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Elsie’s Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Popular 17-year-old Cara has been trying to break off her relationship with Joe, her druggie boyfriend. She gets her wish just not in the way she was expecting when she discovers his dead body. Cara needs to start putting the clues together fast.

Ryan a mysterious figure from her past, arrives just in time to help her put the puzzle pieces together, but you know what they say, there’s no such thing as a coincidence and Ryan is connected in more ways than one.

Cara is a likable character, she’s a popular girl who suddenly finds herself ostracized at school. On the home front she’s saddled with an annoying, brooding younger sister and clueless parents, that part is pretty cliche.

There’s mild violence, a smattering of romance and plenty of suspense in this tale. I found this lightweight thriller, highly enjoyable.  Just don’t make the same mistake I made thinking I knew the direction this mystery was going, turns out I had no clue!

Katlyn Duncan’s writing style is fairly light in depth, but she has real promise and I look forward to seeing where she goes next.


Katlyn Duncan was born and raised in a small town in western Massachusetts. Her overactive imagination involved invisible friends, wanting to be a Disney Princess and making up her own stories. Her bibliophile mom always encouraged her love of reading and that stayed with her ever since. Even though she works full time in the medical field Katlyn has always made time for books, whether she is reading or writing them.

Katlyn now lives in southern Connecticut with her husband and adorable Wheaten Terrier and she is thrilled to finally share her stories with the world.

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