Audiobook Review: Broken Innocence By Bridget Taylor


Broken Innocence

Narrated by: Sierra Kline


Broken Innocence

Henry Lennox is a powerful man with unique tastes. He sits atop a media empire that he has built from the ground up. Surrounded by only the most beautiful and talented of women, he enjoys both success and excess.

Stacy Caldwell is nervous as she begins her first day at Lennox Advertising. She notices immediately that she does not exactly fit in with this stable of model-attractive young women. When she somehow attracts the notice of Henry Lennox, she is unsure how to respond. She can hardly resist his appeal, in spite of herself.

What happens when their affair draws unwanted controversy?


Broken Innocence

Elsie’s Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Erotica is like a box of chocolate, some are good, but most you take one bite and throw the rest out.

This audiobook was a pleasant surprise! It’s that magical piece of chocolate that makes the whole box worth the money you spent. It’s the elusive golden ticket of erotica.

The story centers around Stacy Caldwell, a wunderkind who arrives at the Lennox Advertising firm and catches the eye of owner and CEO Henry Lennox. Simultaneously she catches her manager Michael Cavanaugh’s attention.

I know what you’re thinking “This story has been told over and over again ad nauseam” but this one is different! The author really does a good job fleshing out the characters, really it’s more of a psychological study of a conflicted woman.

Stacy is torn between wanting to be love and wanting to satisfy her masochistic tendencies and two men who fulfill different needs. The characters in this story are flawed and sometimes you’re not sure who you should be rooting for!

Of course, this is erotica and the sex scenes are numerous and very graphic. That’s to be expected, it also deals with BDSM, so if that offends… move along!

Broken Innocence’s quality of the writing is uncommonly good and the narration and production are top notch too. I have never heard of this author and I’m certain it’s a pseudonym,  but I’m impressed, come on out of hiding you’re a good writer.

The narration and production quality are excellent!
Looking for high caliber erotica? Broken Innocence is it!

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