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The Centropic Oracle

New Science Fiction & Fantasy Audio Magazine Launch

Fans of fantasy and science fiction have a new podcast to subscribe to: The Centropic Oracle.  The Centropic Oracle features a flash fiction (200 – 1500 words, 3 -15 minutes) story every Friday and a short story (1600 – 6500 words, 15 – 45 minutes) once a month. The audio magazine’s focus is bringing together the talent of writers and the performances of voice over artists to inspire and entertain.

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The Centropic Oracle has two truly unique aspects: the library and the contributor bibliography. The online library of their previous podcasts is a filterable directory rather than a difficult to navigate blog-style archive. The audience is able to filter the library of podcasts by genre, sub-genre, and length.  In addition, every author and narrator has their own page with links to their other work – both with The Centropic Oracle and other publications – which is kept up to date with their latest releases so that listeners who enjoy a particular creative can easily find more of their titles. Each podcast story and contributor also has a PayPal donation button, so listeners can support the creatives directly. Check it out at

Charly Thompson, the editor of The Centropic Oracle, is a writer and lifelong science fiction fan. She paired up with her daughter, Larissa Thompson, who is a voice actor and film producer in Vancouver, BC, to create a podcast which shines a spotlight on not only the writers, but the narrators who bring the stories to life.

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“God & The Devil: A Love Story”:

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