FYI: George Michael – Songwriter – Pop Icon – Rest In Peace

George Michael Jun 25, 1963 – Dec 25, 2016

george michael

I remember when George Michael first came on the scene as the lead singer for Wham! That feel good little ditty Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. Those cute little boy shorts he wore, the blinding handsome good looks. You had to sit up and take notice!


I recall wondering if  George Michael was going to be a flash in the pan. Then I heard Careless Whisper and when I heard that he wrote the song before he was even 20 years old. I knew he was something special! Although according to his 1991 biography “Bare” the song that meant so much to many of his fans, actually had very little meaning to him at the time that he wrote it. Still, it’s a great song!

Careless Whispers

My favorite George Michael song of all time is his ballad “Father Figure” off of his solo album “Faith” which was released in 1988. I just find it so hauntingly beautiful. I mourn that the world has lost another voice in 2016, but take comfort in the timeless music he has left in his stead. Rest in peace good sir.

Father Figure

What’s your Favorite George Michael song?



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  1. I grew in in the 80’s and 90’s when he was getting popular. i remember all of his songs! Brings back so many memories. Don’t really have a favorite though. I used to record mixes in my bedroom in highschool on the radio with some of his songs playing.

    Good memories.

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