Audiobook Review: Cyborg Fury: Lisa Lace

Narrated by Michael Pauley

Cyborg Fury

Elsie’s Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Cyborg Fury – He’s forbidden. He’s tempting. He’s dangerous.

Cyborgs are no longer mere combat machines and are preparing to integrate into society. Natasha is a nurse at a cyborg rehabilitation center who discovers that her father has hidden one in his home – a soldier nicknamed Fury who was too risky to rehabilitate. If anyone finds out, they will terminate him.

Natasha is intrigued by the challenge of helping Fury. As a woman recently separated from her cheating husband, she can’t help but notice his handsome features and muscular build. The more time she spends working with the rapidly-improving cyborg, the more he seems like a better – and sexier – man than her ex ever was.

But Natasha’s ex won’t accept that their marriage is over. He’s not above resorting to threats and violence to get her back. Fury must find a way to protect Natasha and forge a future with her, even though his existence is illegal.

Elsie’s Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Cyborg Fury is the second book in the Burning Metal series and I think it’s going to surpass the Terra Mates series because this book is the best yet!

Natasha’s is a nurse married to degenerate bar owner, when she catches him with his pants down she hightails it to her widowed father’s house and wouldn’t you know it, her bad luck continues, when first she finds out dear old Dad is harboring a cyborg destined for the scrap heap because of anger management issues and then adding insult to injury Pops has the nerve to up and die leaving Natasha in charge of the irritable cyborg.

Desperate for help Natasha sneakily enlist the help of her co-worker John. Out of all of the characters in this book I fell in love with John the most! He’s attracted to Natasha, but even when she shoots him down he not only helps her with her cyborg issues, he comes to her defense when her erstwhile hubby comes a knocking, John is really a stand-up guy and I hope he gets his own story told!

Fury and Natasha have some serious chemistry, but Fury is frustrated by having to keep his identity under wraps and furthermore he feels at a loss for what his purpose in life is, and because he’s so conflicted, I think story wise that made it hard for me to feel a connection to his character, or between him and Natasha.

Lisa Lace’s stories are lightweight enjoyable listens with lots of heat added, her writing just keeps getting better and better.

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Sigh… what can I say about the narrator Michael Pauley? At this point I’ve listened to several books he has narrated and sometimes he does a four-star job and other times a three-star job. This one is 3.5, sometimes when he’s narrating his voice sounds robotic and it’s strange to me. It’s only when he reading the narrative part when he’s voicing the character’s words he always does an awesome job. He has the potential to be much better and I know he will find his stride.

Cyborg Fury

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