FYI: The Perfect 1.0 Star Review


Ahhh… the infamous one-star review, there’s an art to doing it well, if you’re like me, you get no joy out of bashing an author’s dream, but you feel compelled to warn other readers. Honestly, there’s probably more value in a one-star review than a five star, if it actually makes the author aware of how to improve their writing and thought processes.

It’s funny, but I have no problem castigating an author for shoddy work like spelling errors and bad grammar that show that the writer doesn’t care about me as a reader. I’ll state the problem in one or two sentences and be done with it.

For me, it’s much more difficult when you can tell the author poured their heart and soul into a book and still, fail monumentally. That’s why I’m reblogging By Hook or By Book’s one-star review of Keira Drake’s novel The Continent. The reviewer clearly details the flaws of the book, without personally attacking the writer. Authors, readers, and bloggers, I give to you the perfect one-star review, feel free to take notes!

One thought on “FYI: The Perfect 1.0 Star Review

  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! I can’t tell you how much I cringe when I know I’m going to have to give an author a poor review. Giving poor reviews have become a topic of interest of late on WordPress with bloggers taking different views. I know many just won’t review a book they disliked, using the old adage “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Because I receive so many of my books from publishers and NetGalley though, I feel I have a responsibility to follow through. I do however try to be as fair and honest as I can, and if there’s even one thing I like about the book, no matter how small, I will be sure to include it. Okay. In this particular instant it was just the cover of The Continent that I liked, but still…

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