TV Tuesday: The Crown on Netflix

Elsie’s Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I recently spent 10 hours out of my weekend binge watching The Crown on Netflix, and I’m not ashamed.

Remember that day not long ago in 2012, when Netflix dumped all premium channels from their platform and said they would create their own content? Their stock tanked and the pundits were outraged “How dare Netflix to think to produce their own media content!” they pretty much called the time of death for Netflix and pulled the plug.

Fast forward four short years and Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings is definitely having the last laugh, and why not the average television audience just want to see good quality programming and if you do that the people will follow.

The Crown follows the story of the present reigning Queen, Elizabeth, who, by the way, has taken “the crown” as it were, of the longest reigning English monarch from Queen Victoria. The series chronicles her life from a young girl, free of the constraints and burdens of being the presumptive heir, that is until her Uncle King Edward VIII abdicates his throne to his younger brother King George VI and thereby making poor Elizabeth the heir apparent.

This series puts a human face on Queen Elizabeth, with all of the emotions and love and heartbreak that the rest of us mere mortals suffer. Don’t be surprised if John Lithgow wins the Emmy for his portrayal of Winston Churchill, his performance is stellar! If you get snowed in this holiday season, take it easy, leave the snow shovel in the garage, sit back and enjoy this beautifully done series.



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