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We partner with 24K.TV to make promotional social media videos

Video Promotion EAD


The world of Video Promotion has changed and we’ve spent countless hours experimenting with post analytics, measuring data of successful videos and attending marketing seminars for the new way to reach audiences on social media. It’s no longer as easy as uploading a video and sharing it to Facebook with a link to your website.

Organic reach has been low across multiple sites, yet certain videos have found new success in the new market. We’ll help translate your media and ads into ways that generate actual interest today. Conveying messages without sound are now more important today than they were a year ago. The explosion of features like news feed scrolling and auto-play have changed the social media platforms.

Every client is different and we will tailor your video to fit your demographic to pinpoint your marketing target. So YOU can provide more appealing content for your brand that we can market next!


Video Promotion

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