Audiobook Review: Z-Risen 3 & 4 by Timothy W. Long

NARRATED by Todd Menesses


Elsie’s Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Jackson Creed and Joel Kelly story continues with our intrepid heroes still fighting their way through the zombie apocalypse, as they head north towards the perceived oasis of Camp Pendleton, along the way they’ve formed a quasi-family unit with a few of the characters from the first two books, there’s Roz who has formed a close attachment with Joel, Anna, who likes/hates Jackson and may or may not still be attached to the mercenary group Bright Star, time will tell if Anna is friend or foe, Christy, a kick ass young girl who has stolen Jackson’s heart, he’ll do anything to keep that little girl safe, and Frosty the dog who knows when to keep his yap shut and when to take a bite out of enemies, human or monster.


The undead has brought out the worst in human nature or as Jackson so eloquently put it, he’d rather deal with a horde of zombies than the dregs of society that seem to be thriving amid all the chaos, soon two rogue military-like factions arise the Reavers and Bright Star, the ensuing battle between these two groups cause Jackson and Christy to becomes separated from the rest of the group, feeling abandoned and helpless without Kelly, Jackson has to keep it together for Christy’s sake and whether he’s believes it or not he has learned a lot from Kelly in the short time they were together, living in this dystopia has taught Jackson one thing, that he is a survivor and he’ll take whatever action is necessary to stay alive and that means aligning himself with the Reavers.


Todd Menesses continues his amazing performance as the narrator of this series. My husband, who never ever questions who or what I’m listening to, asked if only one narrator was voicing all the different characters, when I said yes he was impressed, that endorsement alone should get Mr. Menesses an Audie Award!


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